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Cancer patient is #andraestrong

A blood drive is being held Tuesday at the Tokay High School gym to help a 2014 graduate who is battling an aggressive and rare form of cancer.

Andrae Sanchez, who was a lineman for the Tigers and a heavyweight wrestler, was having nosebleeds in the fall of 2013 when he found out he had esthesisioneuroblastoma. (more…)

Good Samaritan Hero

Steven Derby was nominated for the Red Cross Good Samaritan Adult Hero Award for Stanislaus County 2014 by Grace Petrini of Delta Blood Bank. The program for the event on June 11, 2014 reads:

“Steven Derby is truly a giving man. In 2000, he was drawn to personally give blood when his father needed major surgery and was excited to find he was a perfect match. However, because he has Cerebral Palsy, (more…)

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