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Good Samaritan Hero

Steven Derby was nominated for the Red Cross Good Samaritan Adult Hero Award for Stanislaus County 2014 by Grace Petrini of Delta Blood Bank. The program for the event on June 11, 2014 reads:

“Steven Derby is truly a giving man. In 2000, he was drawn to personally give blood when his father needed major surgery and was excited to find he was a perfect match. However, because he has Cerebral Palsy, (more…)

Turlock students make a difference by donating blood

Whoever said that “kids these days” couldn’t care less about making a difference clearly hasn’t met the students of Turlock High School. On Jan. 13, more than 100 of them volunteered to be a part of a campus blood drive, which is a 20-year tradition at the school. (more…)

48 Random Acts of Kindness

When Anna Serrato’s husband asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said “I have everything I need, and what I don’t have would just be a ‘want’. I can live without the ‘wants’.” She decided she would give instead of receive. Following her daughters’ example last year, Anna vowed to complete 48 random acts of kindness for her 48th birthday, and she did! Anna made a list and organized her day so that she could fit in all 48! Her husband Louie chauffeured so she could jump out of the car and right back in. (more…)

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