Taking Care of the Sick at Home

sick at home

Seeing a loved one sick is one of the hardest things to watch. For an ill person to recover quickly, special care is paramount. It is important to note that the type of care a sick person receives at home determines how long they will take to recover. A sick person needs proper care, immutable encouragement, and love. The information below can help you give the best care to the sick at home to help them regain strength quickly.

Determine the type of illness

sick womanSome type of illnesses are not chronic and thus can be taken care of well at home, here are some symptoms to help you to determine the kind of illness. Common symptoms of Illnesses include:

  • Flu – Vomiting, sneezing, strep throat, coughing, runny nose
  • Fever – Strep throat and vomiting
  • Stomachache – Vomiting
  • Cold – Vomiting, sneezing, strep throat, coughing, runny nose

Keep the Sick comfortable

A sick person should be given the utmost comfort they need. Let the sick person at home rest in a comfortable, quiet room with an open window for fresh air and streaming light. This is meant to keep the person from being neither too hot nor too cold. If the air is cold and the sick person is feeling cold, cover them with a blanket or sheet to keep them warm, however, if it is hot do not cover the person at all especially if they have a fever.

Offer plenty of Liquids

In every sickness, there is the risk of dehydration. It is therefore important to ensure the sick person takes plenty of liquids to prevent fluid loss especially when there are symptoms of diarrhea or vomiting. The best liquids to offer a sick person are water, Pedialyte, soup, Gatorade or crackers. Do not offer orange drinks, sugary drinks like soda, or drinks with caffeine.

Maintain high levels of hygiene

When taking care of a sick person at home, ensure the person is clean. They should take a bath every day and if they are too weak to take a bath by themselves, use some look warm water and sponge to wash them. The clothes they wear and the sheets on the bed should regularly be changed at least once a day especially if they are sweating profusely. Take extra care to keep bits of food out of bed.

Give nutritious food

A sick person should eat good nourishing food to help them regain their strength. Sick people often don’t have the appetite but feeding them as much as possible is important especially if they can only manage a few bites. If a person is quite weak, give them a few small meals a day, you can also mash their food or give them plenty of soup. Keep in mind that food should contain all the nutritional components including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fats. A few example of energy giving foods includes oatmeal, porridge, chicken noodle soup and more.


Caring for a sick person at home is less costly, and they can get the proper care and love they need. However, do not hesitate to take the person to hospital if their symptoms persist.