Water Sports You Must Try

When you are at the beach, there are endless fun activities that you can do. From tanning, reading a book, taking pictures, building a sand castle, drinking, volley, and even exercises. If you enjoy putting your body into a work out that involves the water, there are many water sports that you should try out.


kayakingIf you want to go a little bit further from the beach without doing all the hard work yourself, then kayaking is the perfect water sport for you. Not like many the other water sports, this one can keep you dry, more calming, and not so intense. If you are interested in this activity, read a beginner’s guide to have an idea on how to go about it.


surfingYou can only love or hate surfing because there is no in between, this famous activity requires all of your body strength, balance, patience, and persistence. Do not get discouraged if you can not do it at first, it takes time to nail the techniques to surf the waves, and you must start with baby steps. Though it looks like a cool sport, surfing is one of the hardest and for an advanced person that already crazy into swimming and being in the ocean.


paddle boardAnother calm water sports that you can do is paddling. Though it might be more challenging than a kayak because you have to master a good balance first, it is still relatively easier compared to the other activities. You can paddle in many positions, and beginners should start with sitting. Even though you are going to stay above the water, there is a bigger chance to fall in the water if you use paddle board rather than a kayak to enjoy the ocean.


swimBefore you do any of activities that are mentioned above, you need first to master swimming. It is usually easier to teach how to swim from when someone is still young, but there is nothing such as too late when it comes to anything that you want to learn. Find someone that can properly guide you to swim and start from the swimming pool. Once you are comfortable in the pool, you can move the beach and test out your skills. It will be a lot more challenging since you will be faced with a current that the pool does not have, so your body will have to work twice or three times harder.