The Principles of Effective Couple’s Therapy


Couples therapy is also referred to as marriage counseling. This applies to a kind of psychotherapy whereby the couples are assisted in recognizing various issues affecting their marriages, and are given solutions on how to solve the problems. We have different techniques that are applied to help the couples to solve their problems. This article looks at the principles of effective couples’ therapy.

Alter the view of the relationship

relationshipThe couple’s therapy helps in altering the view of the relationship which may be what that is required to save a marriage. Typically, various therapeutic processes are applied, and therapist tries to assist the married individuals to be objective in the way they say multiple issues about their relationship.

It helps couples to see their partners as friends and helps them be accommodative rather than porting blame. The therapist will collect data by interacting with the couples. This will help them come up with a report which they can then use to help the couples in question.

Modifying dysfunctional behavior

Marriage counseling also helps in modifying dysfunctional behavior. Once issues are brought to the table, the therapists help the couples to change the undesirable behavior. They help couples improve their interactions and help them not to engage in activities that may cause the economic, psychological, and physical harm. The therapists are usually required to conduct a therapy to establish where issues that need to be resolved are. In the event of domestic abuse, they will be able to provide shelter for the affected partner and will also help in providing specialized treatment in the scenario where there is drug abuse.

Decreases emotional avoidance

emotionallyEffective couple therapy will also help in decreasing emotional avoidance. Research has shown that couples who fail to open are usually at risk of being emotionally unstable.

Effective couple therapy will help the couples to open and thus bring out the various issues that they are facing. The couple who were affected by some childhood traumas will also get therapy which will help them become social fits. Couples who attend marriage counseling relate to one another in a better way since all the issues have been put and brought to the table.

Improves communication

Another principle of couple therapy is that it helps in improving communication between the couples. One of the common sources of conflicts in the family is lack of communication. Marriage counseling will help the couple to improve on how they communicate. This will assist them to improve on how they articulate various issues. Phoenix Couples Therapy offers professional advice.